Almandine Garnets in Matrix (No.12)

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Almandine Garnets in Matrix (No.12)Almandine Garnets in Matrix 

Measurements Approx. Garnets Size
Length - 1.4 cm
Width - 1.8 cm

Measurements Approx. Whole Size
Height - 6.6 cm
Width - 1.4 cm
Length - 15.2 cm

Almandine is a red/purple variety of Garnets


Almandine is said to helpful for people who work with numbers. Considered to bring youthfulness. Almandine may bring physical energy. May enhance the health of the eyes, heart, liver and pancreas. Said to help blood disorders, post-operative healing and wounds.

Emotionally and spiritually considered to enhance connection to higher self, meditation, rejuvenation and love.