Bulgarian Quartz Cluster (small) SM16/110

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Bulgarian Quartz Cluster (small) SM16/110

These beautiful Quartz crystals come from the Madan area of Bulgaria and have beautiful delicate points in small clusters. 

This mining area has produced some amazing Quartz, often with Hematite or Pyrite Crystals within the quartz clusters and many of these clusters have a "druze” or coating of fine quartz crystals or calcite, much like a sugar coating. Sadly, according to our suppliers, all commercial mining in this area has now ceased and so gradually supplies of these crystals will run out.

Clear Quartz can be associated with all of our seven main Chakras and is regarded as a "feel good” crystal. Many believe that it can improve our quality of life and make us happier than we are now! For healers, these clusters are small enough to use in body grids and layouts as well as being beautiful samples of Quartz.