Courses & Workshops Terms & Conditions


The acceptance of any booking for our workshops/courses assumes you have read, understood and accepted the following  terms and conditions. Please read them through and should you have any questions we will be delighted to answer them.


1 - Booking

Bookings made via the London Fossils Crystals website my be cancelled with in 14 days of the date of booking in compliance with the distance selling regulations for a refund of all monies paid less a £5 administration charge.

Bookings made in person at the shop are final, however, subject to availability any payment may be transferred to another course or workshop at our discretion.

No booking is confirmed until you have received our official confirmation. In the case of bookings made via the London Fossils and Crystals website this will take the form of the invoice for your order. In the case of bookings made in the shop it will be the copy booking form given to you at the time of booking.

2 - Cancellation of Courses / Workshops

In the event of our cancelling a course or workshop you will be offered an alternative date or course / workshop.

Should you wish to cancel attendance providing we receive a minimum of 14 days notice prior to the start of the course / workshop we will offer alternative dates or a refund of monies paid less an administration fee of £5.00.

Cancellation cannot be accepted within 14 days of the start of a course / workshop.

3 - Your Journey

Please allow sufficient time for your journey we fit a lot into our courses / workshops and so will always start on time unless circumstances prevent us from doing so.  if you think you are going to be late please advise us on 07501 727075, we will do our best to accommodate you.

4 - Participation

All of our courses / workshops are practical experiences and therefore participants are expected to take an active part in all exercises and lessons in order to obtain any certificate of completion or attendance if applicable.

5. Equipment/Materials

With the exception of note taking materials, all equipment/materials required for participation in any of our courses/workshops will be provided by us unless otherwise specified.

If for any reason you wish to use your own equipment or materials please discuss this with us at least a week before your course/workshop.

6. Dress Code

Whilst we have no specific dress code for our courses and workshops, we would ask all participants to maintain a level of comfort and modesty suitable for the work undertaken.

7. Special Dietary Requirements

All of our courses/workshops include free refreshments and the whole day and two day courses include a free light lunch also. Please advise us at least two weeks in advance of your course if you have any special dietary requirements. We will do our best to accommodate, but in certain instances it may become necessary for you to provide your own beverages or food.

8. Medical Advice

It is important to remember that the techniques, treatments and skills taught on our workshops and courses are in NO way meant to replace the advice or treatment of a qualified medical professional nor are they intended to diagnose or prescribe treatment to replace conventional medicine. When in doubt it is essential that you consult a qualified medical professional. 

We will not accept any liability however it may arise following any failure on your part to follow the preceding advice.

As much as we would rather not have them, there do have to be some rules in place for both me and my clients. Please don't ask me to change them or make an exception as that is just not fair on anyone else! Just to make things easier, in these T's & C's I'm referred to as CTL and you will be The Client.

Bookings and Cancellations. 

All bookings for Reiki, Chakra or Crystal therapy sessions are not confirmed until paid for in full by the client to CTL, either by PayPal, or Directly in Cash or by Credit/Debit card.

Appointments may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the booked session and a full refund of any money paid will be made. 

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of the due session will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. 

Missed appointments will be charged in full.

Block bookings or courses of sessions may be paid for one session at a time, in advance. Or alternatively, a discount will be given for pre-payment of block bookings.

Group sessions held at your workplace/association are subject to a 50% deposit at the time of booking, the balance being payable on the day.

Therapies and Conventional Medicine Disclaimer

All Therapies are given on the understanding that any Medical, Physiological or Psychological conditions are being treated by your GP or another qualified medical practitioner.

All Clients must complete a medical history form prior to any therapies or courses of action. All questions should be answered truthfully and any omissions and the consequences of such omissions are the sole responsibility of the client.

Whilst I am trained, qualified and competent in what I do, I (and any other therapists who I may collaborate or work with from time to time) am not qualified to diagnose any medical, physiological or psychological conditions or illness, and will not predict any specific outcomes from treatment/therapy. The client should always consult their GP or other medical professional where needed. 

All treatments/therapies provided to the client by CTL are aids to spiritual wellbeing, relaxation and peace. No direct or indirect claim or inference is made by CTL or any collaborating therapists for any results of therapies/treatments given. It should also be noted that the results of any therapies/treatments and the sensations experienced during them may and will differ from client to client. During therapy/treatment clients may experience deep relaxation, heat, tingling, coolness, a wide range of emotional responses, vibrations, and pulsing among other sensations or they may experience none of the above. 

Personal Information and Data Protection.

Any data about you, including personal information gathered on any documentation is subject to Practitioner/Client privilege. 

No Data, however gathered will be sold/leased/hired or otherwise made known to any third party and at all times will remain the property of CTL or it's successors.

A client may on notice, request to view all data held about them or on payment of the appropriate fee request a copy of all data held about them by CTL.


All Reiki and Crystal Body layout sessions are given on the understanding that there will be some physical contact between the client and the therapist. If for any reason the client does not want physical contact or feels uncomfortable with it, please indicate this during the initial meeting. 

During all sessions/therapies the client will remain fully clothed only removing shoes and jewellery. Clients should wear loose comfortable clothing as tightness can cause discomfort and problems with energy flow.

CTL is fully insured for therapies and treatments and details of this insurance are available on request.

It should be noted that some Crystals used during therapy sessions may have rough surfaces or sharp points/edges. Every care will be taken to ensure clients are advised when these items are to be used.

CTL is not aware of any contra-indications or adverse reactions to any of the items or procedures used during therapy/treatment. 

These terms and conditions are subject to variation and alteration without notice. July 2014