Sessions with Kevin.

Kevin "The Crystal Guy” is qualified in various techniques including Reiki, Chakra Clearing/Balancing and Crystal Therapy. He is at the shop most days and holds his sessions from 08:30-10-30 every morning from Monday to Saturday and booking in advance is essential. Sessions are available at other times but availability its limited and pre-booking is essential, it’s always worth checking before making a special trip to the shop. Kevin is always happy to answer any questions you might have about working with crystals when you visit the shop, but if you would like to have a one-to-one session with him, these can also be arranged and you will be able to ask whatever you need.

You can book a session with him in person at the shop or by telephone:- Shop 020 3268 2268 or Mobile 07501 727078 .We always ask for your first session to be paid for at the time of booking and you can also book a series of sessions at a special rate (See FAQ's below for more details).

Chakra and Crystal Therapy with Kevin.  

A  crystal therapy can be as simple as carrying a favourite stone for luck or as complex as gridding a whole property or even a full body layout…….It’s essentially whatever it needs to be! The beautiful thing is that its so different wherever it is needed, you can discuss with Kevin what you need and He will come up with a programme that will be specific to your needs.

All of the crystals used vibrate at specific frequencies and at various times in our lives, such as times of illness or stress, the frequency we operate at can go a little (or a lot!) out of tune. Our bodies manifest this as illness, stress, worry, anxiety and discomfort, things that are known in the metaphysical world as "dis-ease”

Just as a piano tuner or musician will use a tuning fork or a tone to tune an instrument, so Kevin will use the vibration of the crystals to "re-tune” us.

Kevin offers several types of crystal therapy, some involving in-depth consultations and others simply involving a short chat to decide what crystals you may need.

The most basic type or work consists of you knowing what you want the crystals to do or what for and Kevin will then go through the options of which crystal or crystals would be best for your specific requirements.

Slightly more intensive forms of crystal therapy include Chakra clearing/balancing which involve a session of using crystals on the body to bring about the best form of working for our seven main chakra. Often used for specific conditions, these sessions last about an hour and are held at our Waterloo shop.

After answering some brief questions about your general health and wellbeing, Kevin will use his specially selected crystals to energise, clear and balance your Chakra.

Getting even more intensive is a full body grid. This session can take up to two hours and you may want to take a bit of time to settle afterwards. Kevin will use over 90 crystals to energise your system and this is the most intensive treatment we offer at present. This treatment will in all likelihood release much energetic "baggage” and it is not unusual for this to take the form of emotional release. Crystals will be laid in tune with specific organs or meridians of the body, often with amplifying or boosting crystals being used where needed. Laying flat, you will have the crystals laid on your body and limbs to bring the energy where needed.

Please note: It is regarded by many that for the crystals used in a body grid to be most effective that they must be in direct contact with the skin. Kevin works to a strict code of ethics which insists that the Client maintains an acceptable level of modesty at all times.


Is a system of natural healing, founded or rather re-discovered in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui and evolved as a result of his work and devotion.

The world around us is full of energy which maintains and nourishes all living things. A good flow of this energy brings balance and harmony both within and around us, we experience a sense of health and wellbeing. Used alongside other allopathic (conventional) medicine, reiki can help to provide support during treatment or recovery. 

It is particularly effective in Kevin's experience at times of stress, anxiety or worry.

During your Reiki session you will remain fully clothed, (just slipping your shoes off), and Kevin will gently place his hands in a series of non-intrusive positions at your seven main chakra (or where needed) There is no massage or manipulation and your session will last up to an hour as required.

You may (or may not) feel sensations during your Reiki session. Benefits reported by clients include deep relaxation which brings a calm peace at all levels. Some clients have felt sensations of heat, a tingling, emotional responses or even seeing a range of colours. All these things indicate that shifts of energy are taking place which allow your natural harmony to be restored.

Reiki can also be provided as distance healing for friends and loved ones who might not be able to visit Kevin in London. Hospital, Hospice and Home visits can be arranged subject to approval (please ask Kevin for further information) 

Kevin is also qualified in Animal Reiki for your pets. Please enquire for further information.

Other Services

As well as the sessions above, Kevin also offers a Grid laying service at your home or office and runs our popular series of Workshops and Courses which you will find details of on the tab on the navigation bar.

Frequently asked questions

How much do sessions cost?

A session of up an hour with Kevin will cost £50. We do offer a package price of £40 for series of 3 or more sessions when booked and paid in advance.

Which type of session is right for me?

This very much depends on what you want the outcome to be. If you have specific questions about working with crystals or want guidance on how to start, then a one-to-one may be what you seek. If you are looking for treatment for dis-ease or stress then a series of Crystal Therapy or Reiki sessions could be right for you. Many of Kevin’s clients start off with a one-to-one discussion session and use this to develop how they go forward.

How many sessions will I need?

This will vary from person to person. But as a general guide We would normally suggest a course of 3 or more sessions. Kevin will never put you under pressure to have sessions but, quite often very little can be achieved in just one session of Reiki or Crystal Therapy.

What can I expect from a session with Kevin?

The benefits from a session are many and varied. Reiki can lead to a sensation of deep relaxation, a feeling of stress draining away from the body and aura. No two people have exactly the same experience and what you may feel (if anything) could be quite different to anyone else’s experience.

Do I need to get undressed?

No, not at all. all Kevin will ask you to remove is your footwear and any large jewellery. Removing any other items of jewellery and watches is entirely up to you but please do not remove Wedding or Engagement rings. Just wear comfortable clothing for Reiki and Crystal therapy sessions.

Am I likely to experience any adverse reactions?

The likelihood of this is extremely rare. Some clients do experience sensations which may be unusual but these generally pass very quickly.

I’m pregnant, can I still have sessions?

Yes you can, in fact, both Mother and Baby can benefit from Reiki or Crystal Therapy and it’s calming effects.

Are there any age restrictions on sessions?

There are no age restrictions on sessions, but anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult. Studies have shown that children do benefit substantially from Reiki, especially at times of stress like School Exams etc.