Ammonite - Pleuroceras, from Germany (No.160)

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Ammonite - Pleuroceras, from Germany (No.160)
Actual Fossil

Pleuroceras, from Germany
200 Million Years Old, Jurassic Period

Measurements Approx. Height 5.9 cm, Width, 2.2 cm, Length 7.1 cm


Pleuroceras is genus of Ammonite from the Lower Jurassic. Fossil have been found in Canada and Europe as well, in such places as France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain and United Kingdom.


The shells of the genus Pleuroceras is evolute and has a relatively broad umbilicus. The Whorls are almost square in cross section, with only slightly convex lateral edges. The surface sculpture consists of thick radial ribs which are not very close together, ending in tubercles on the edge of the umbilicus and on the ventrolateral edge. The ribs are curved slightly forwards near the outer edge of the shell. On the ventral edge of the shell there is a clear, fibrous medial keel, with shallow grooves on the sides.