Ammonite - Promiceras Planicosta - (specimen 60)

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Ammonite - Promiceras Planicosta - (specimen 60)Actual Specimen

Promiceras Planicosta

from, Lyme Regis
180 Million Years Old, Jurassic Period

Measurements Approx.
Height - 3 cm
Length - 7.1 cm
Width - 5.3 cm

Promicroceras is a species of Ammonite is found in rocks of Lower Jurassic age and came from Europe.

This genus is characterised by an evolute shell, with the individual whorls overlapping only slightly; all the whorls are clearly visible. In cross-section the whorls are rounded. Thick, well-spaced ribs cross the shell and radiate from the central umbilicus. As the ribs reach the ventral surface they curve slightly and become flattened.