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Busy Weekend!

We have just had what must have been the busiest hardest weekend we have ever had!  It all started when one of us had the bright idea of taking the Fossils and Crystals out on the road and combining them with our love of cars by having a stand at a classic car show..........After loading the cars up in the pouring rain, Sheila and I headed off towards the M11 and that's when the fun started! The plan was for Sheila to call in on one of Her suppliers while I trundled off to Norfolk and picked up our caravan. All went well until we hit a solid traffic jam and diverted, that split us up good and proper and we finally met up late that evening just outside Spalding where we were staying the night, poor Sheila was absolutely exhausted.

Off to Nottingham the following morning and driving through what felt like a force ten gale!!! We couldn't put the stall up until the wind died, and even then a slight gust almost destroyed the frame. Still, on Saturday morning with lots of help from one of the car clubs, we managed to put the stall up. We did very little business but we did meet some really nice people. A group of our friends from the Pirate Car Club were in attendance and we spent Saturday evening with them.  Sunday was a beautiful day, the sun was out and so were the visitors to the show, lots of people looking at and buying the fossils and crystals, many of who said they would visit the shop when in London.

So, all in all, lots of hard work and we are both completely exhausted even 3 days later! Was it worth it
? Well, we learnt a lot and we now have a better idea of what stock to take to shows so when we do the next one it should be a lot easier. (though it may be a little while before the next one)

We would really like to thank the Chaps from the Ford Sport club who not only helped us rescue the stall but also invited us to spend the evening with them, they were great as neighbours and we look forward to our paths crossing again.

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