Cavansite on Stilbite - Sterling Silver Culster

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Cavansite on Stilbite - Sterling Silver Culster

Actual piece

Cavansite on Stilbite cluster sterling silver pendant

Size 4 x 5 cm with 6 cm drop

The metaphysical properties of Cavansite include an ability to stimulate the third eye, enhancing ones intuition and channeling abilities.  It is a protective crystal removing negative thoughts while helping a person to be more inspired.  It also offers protection to healers during psychic healing sessions.


Cavansite has a crystal arrangement know as orthorhombic and forms in flower/rosette formation. The name comes from its’ chemical makeup of Calcium Vanadium Silicate, a deep ultramarine blue colour, usually occurring as a secondary mineral in volcanic rock along with a variety of Zeolite minerals. it is most frequently found in Poona and in the Deccan Traps, India.  

Associated minerals with Cavansite are Calcite, Heulandite, Stilbite, Mordenite, Chalcocite, Apophyllite.