Champagne Aura Quartz (Also known as Smokey Aura) (No.149)

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Champagne Aura Quartz (Also known as Smokey Aura) (No.149)Champagne Aura Quartz (Also known as Smokey Aura)
Coated with metals including Gold & Indium

Measurements Approx.
Height - 2.4 cm
Width - 3.1 cm
Length - 4.2 cm

Quartz crystals coated with either gold, indium, platinum, niobium, iron oxide or titanium by vapour disposition - which when heated bonds the metals to the Quartz to create magical colours.


Aqua Aura - coated with gold creating a transparent Aquamarine colour finish.

Tanzanite Aura - coated with gold niobium and indium creating a transparent blue/purple colour finish.

Angel Aura (Opal Aura) - coated with platinum creating a white opal colour finish.

Tangerine Aura - coated with gold and iron oxide creating a orange/peachy colour finish.

Golden Aura - coated with iron, titanium and trace metals creating a transparent peach colour finish.

Titanium Aura (Flame Aura) (Rainbow Aura) - coated with titanium and niobium creating a dark rainbow of colours.