Drotops Trilobite, from Morocco (No.111)

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Drotops Trilobite, from Morocco (No.111)Drotops Trilobite, from Morocco

Measurements Approx.
Height - 8.1 cm
Width - 8.8 cm
Length - 9.3 cm

Drotops megalomanicus (megalomanicus from the Greek "μεγαλο": megalo-, meaning large or great, and "μανία": mania, meaning madness, frenzy) is a species of trilobite from the order Phacopida that lived in the Devonian Period. It is found in Jbel Issoumour, Morocco. 

It has fairly large schizochroal eyes which were mounted on turret-like structures that gave the animal a near 360-degree field of view. As with many other trilobites, it had the habit of rolling up into a ball to protect itself from the predators with its hard exoskeleton. Drotops grew very large for a phacopid. This may have been due to access to rich feeding grounds.