Dyrosaurus Phosphaticus Crocodile

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Dyrosaurus Phosphaticus CrocodileDyrosaurus was an extinct genus of marine Dyrosaurid crocodyliform from the Eocene of North Africa. It was a large animal, reaching 6 meters in size. The type of species D. phosphaticus possessed slender jaws with numerous recurved teeth, indicative of a primarily fish dietDyrosaurus teeth have smooth enamel and are long and often sharp, helping it to hunt fast-moving prey.

From Oued Zem. Morocco.
Approximately 50 Million Years Old.

This specimen probably died in flowing water, which as the soft tissue decayed washed the crocodile's bones and scales down around the head. Of particular note is the white field plaster around the matrix which would have been used to support the fossil as it was transported. This is often cleaned off when the fossil is prepared for sale.

Matrix approximatley 66 x 59cm

Crocodile's skull approximatley 37cm long