Fluorite - Rainbow - Button Beads Elasticated Bracelet

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Fluorite - Rainbow - Button Beads Elasticated Bracelet

Actual Bracelet

Handmade by Sheila

Rainbow Fluorite elasticated bracelet with button shaped beads.

Hand crafted bracelet with Stretch Magic elastic

Sizes approximately 19cm


Green Fluorite - Great crystal for getting oneself organised or ready for everyday life or a event.  It is said to ground excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma, and may clear infections. It is considered particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. It may bring information up from the subconscious mind and accesses intuition. It said to be an effective auric, chakra, and mental cleanser, dissipating obsolete conditioning. It may relieve stomach disorders and cramp in the intestines.

Clear Fluorite - Is said to stimulate the crown chakra, energies the aura, and harmonies the intellect with the spirit. It may aligns all the chakras, bringing universal energy into the physical body. This stone may enhance the effect of other crystals during healing and can clear obscured vision.

Pink Fluorite are said to harmonise the heart with mind, ensuring that one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned with heart energy.