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Getting settled

Open 1 week tomorrow, what a week!

Had a great day on Saturday for my opening, thank you to everyone who came down, it was lovely to see you all.  

Sunday was the first day I actually stayed home for a day, it was nice to sit down and put my feet up.

Monday is now a day off, so as I was looking after our Grandson Oliver, I took him to St.Jame's park to feed to ducks and squirrels.  While we were there I got a very special telephone call to say I had got a lovely new Granddaughter Amelia. Now Oliver had a little sister, the future is looking full of fun :0)

Tuesday I open my lovey new shop and started getting the CCTV for the shop installed. Our little Oliver refused to have his afternoon nap, so it was a very tiring day trying to settled in with everything in new places, work being done all around the shop, and a little boy demanding attention.

Oliver went home Wednesday, he was a very excited 2 year old, looking forward to seeing Baby Amelia, The CCTV was finished and I was beginning to get used to where I had put things.

Thursday I was able to get lots of things sorted and straight.  Friday, to day I am sitting at my net book catching up on this site, my face book site and paperwork. 

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