Knightia Alta Fossil Fish Pair (Specimen No. 31)

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Knightia Alta Fossil Fish Pair (Specimen No. 31)Actual Fossil

Knightia sp.
50 Million years old, Eocene period.
Kemmerer, Green River Formation, Wyoming. USA.

Fishes sizes 10 x 2.5 cm and 11 x 3 cm
Matrix size 20 x 14 cm

An extinct genus of Clupeid Clupeiform a bony fish that lived in the fresh water lakes and river of North America during the Eocene period. Today it is the the State Fossil of Wyoming.

A member of  'Clupeidae' Herring family, a small schooling fish made the Knightia an abundant food source for larger Eocene predators.  The Green River Formation in Wyoming has yielded many fossils of large fish species preying on the Knightia fish, specimens such as Diplomystus, Lepisosteus, Amphiplaga, Mioplosus, Phareodus Amia and Astephus which all been found with Knightia in either their jaws or stomach.