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Like 2 children loose in a sweetie shop!

Like 2 children loose in a sweetie shop! We had a bit of a road trip last weekend, all the way down the M4 to one of our fossil suppliers. Its always great fun when we go buying, seeing whats new and catching up with friends. It is definately like two children being given the run of a sweet shop, all of the different types laid out before us and then having to decide what to buy.

Theres also distractions like the little chap in the photograph which is a really good example of what we can get for collectors as this supplier has a special room where He has the very special items on display.
Theres nearly always a list of things that customers have asked us to look out for and this time we had to pick up nearly a hundred small fossils to used as wedding favours! Add to that customers who wanted plant fossils and trilobites, crystals and jewellery and we have quite a time going around the warehouse.

It's not all fun though, its a very long day with a very long drive at the end of it.But we did come back with lots of new stock for the shop as well including pendants made from meteorite, a fantastic large trilobite plate, some wonderful carved gemstone animals, samples of iron and stone meteorites (which I chose!), a huge shark tooth, eggs, spheres and all manner of wonderful things. Now Sheila has the long job of cataloging everything we brought back, photographing it and putting it up on the website.

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