Meteorites & Tektites

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635 gram Chondrite Meteorite, found in Morocco in 2016
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Meteorite - Nantan - small piece (10)
This Meteorite was recorded to have fallen in Nantan County of Guangxi, 
China, in 1516, during the Ming Dynasty.
It is estimated that the total weight of fall was about 10 Tons.

Every year 18,000 – 84,000 Meteorites larger than 10 grams hit the Earth.
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Meteorite - Stoney N.W.A. (Northwest African Meteorite) (139)
NWA (North West Africa) Meteorites
From The Sahara Desert

These Meteorite are found by Normads, who hunt the deserts for them, these are unclassified Meteorites
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Sikhote-Alin Nickel-Iron Meteorite
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