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More tea!

I think sometimes this shop runs on tea, it seems to keep things running smoothly just like the visitors we get coming in. I know it sounds a bit daft, but sometimes one of our customers coming in is just the thing to get the creativity going or focus our minds on a specific subject, you know, it's when someone comes in and asks about a particular fossil or crystal and you start to talk about it and the conversation links to other things and all of a sudden not only have you a satisfied customer but also an answer to one of your own problems of the day.

A recent example of this was the week before last when we had a visit from a lady customer who comes in from time to time for crystals for healing. This visit She had come with a friend who She wanted to show our shop to as we always seemed to have what she wanted or would get it for her. As always we got chatting about favourite crystals, what crystals worked for her sort of thing, and during the conversation Her friend Yannie revealed that He was a developing medium which although is an area totally alien to me does hold a fascination as I firmly believe that those who have gone before us do keep an eye on us and are in our company at times.

So, over a cup of tea we started chatting about some of our experiences and  in particular any spirits which may occupy the shop. This was very interesting as on a number of occaisions I had seen a young boy about the premisies and yet had been unable to find out anything about who he might have been. It now seems that from our discussion He might have been a She! Whoever, they are welcome to stay as long as they wish to as they are quite benign and have never done us or our customers any harm. The conversation then turned to meditation, something that I never seem to be able to get calm enough to do as I'm always stressing about one thing or another, modern life I guess. Yannie asked me if I would be prepared to trust Him in an experiment to see if I could calm enough to meditate. He selected a crystal of Danburite from our display and sat me on a stool with both feet flat on the floor, He then asked me to shut my eyes and hold the crystal in both hands and just breathe normally......all the while He was talking to me in a vary calm soothing voice so that I could relax but be aware that someone was looking after me. After a few moments I began to feel very light, as though I was floating but I could feel my feet firmly on the floor. I was not hyperventilating but breathing normally and gradually I felt a peace coming over me like I had never felt before.......I still had my worries and problems but it was like I could deal with them now, I felt very serene which if you have met me is hardly a term which could normally be ascribed to me! Yannie did not let me stay in this condition for long, just enough to know I could experience it, after which using an Iron rich piece of Chalcopyrite He bought me back to earth as it were.

My feeling of inner peace stayed with me for several days and I will certanly be practising the technique that Yannie taught me.

All in all a good afternoon, a new crystal experience, a nice cup of tea and most importantly a new friend.................

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