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Once in a blue Moon?

I should think that most of us have either used or heard the saying "Once in a blue moon" but there really are "blue moons"

Commonly, it's used as a term to define the second full moon that occurs within a calendar month. Now as you know, most calendar months with the exception of February have either 30 or 31 days and a Lunar month has 29, so over a period of time the spare days build up and we end up with a calendar month that has 2 full moons like this month!

Why is this so special? Well, like most things that we don't get every day the full moon is believed to have very special significance. For me it's a time of regeneration, especially if the skies are clear and that moonlight is reaching us. I especially like to be in the countryside at this time to enjoy the spectacle of the moon without the light pollution we get in Cities. It's also the perfect opportunity for a gentle cleansing of our crystals using that wonderful reflected Sunlight from Luna.

One of our regular customers popped into the shop this morning and told me that this particular blue moon is also a gateway to either boom or bust. And that which it will be for each of us is based on our demeanour during the day. A good demeanour being positive should lead to the boom and being grumpy leading to the bust! So, following Her advice, I have dealt with everything the day has thrown at me with a smile and good humour. If She is right, then with blessings, the future will be bright! If not, well, I've had a really nice day, full of (up to now anyway) really nice people and I am honestly thankful for that.

We started this week very sadly, as one of our Dogs, little Baz went to Doggie Valhalla. But thinking of Him, I'm finishing it with a waggy tail!

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