Pendulum - Brass / Copper Coil, cone shape

£ 12.00
Pendulum - Brass / Copper Coil, cone shape
Copper Plated Brass Spiral Pendulum


Using a Pendulum is something any one can do, whether to become adept or just for enjoyment. A Pendulum is a weighted object, like a crystal and may act as a receiver and transmitter for information, with different movements when in response to questions.

Choosing a Pendulum can be down to just what you feel a connection or are comfortable with, or just simply admire the look of. Then by asking a simple question the movement of the Pendulum may help with decision making or divining.

Here we have a Copper Plated Brass Spiral Pendulum, which is approx. 4.5 cm long, 2 cm wide at it’s widest point and with 17.5 cm length chain.