Rose Quartz - Small Tumbled Beads Elasticated Bracelet

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Rose Quartz - Small Tumbled Beads Elasticated Bracelet

Actual Bracelet

Handmade by Sheila

Rose Quartz Elasticated Bracelet with small tumbled stones beads.

Hand crafted bracelet with Stretch Magic elastic

Sizes approximately 19cm


Rose Quartz is a Crystal for peace, love and calmness, a love or affection token which symbolises friendship for/to anyone including yourself, enhancing self-love and self worth, dissolving tension,


removing any negativity and worries, removing the need to rush everything and rush everywhere.

Rose Quartz is a good stone for Heart Chakra protection, clearing and promoting self love, balancing the Yin & Yang of energy.   

Rose Quartz is the Crystal for the stage, enabling understanding and appreciation of the arts of Music, written word and artistry. It has also been regarded as "the actors stone” by many stage and screen performers.