Rubellite, Quartz and Amethyst Glass Wand

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Rubellite, Quartz and Amethyst Glass Wand

A glass bodied wand, filled with rubellite chips. Finished at one end with a rounded Quartz point and the other with a Quartz sphere. With metal trims embellished with Amethyst cabochons.

This beautiful energy wand combines the properties of Rubellite, (the red or pink form of tourmaline), in a simple but elegant glass tube design. Add to this the balancing energy properties of Amethyst and we have a very useful tool for the energy worker as well as a really beautiful item for the collectors of all nice things.

Rubellite is the red form of tourmaline, great for inspiration, inspiring creativity and opening awareness. A useful crystal for those facing new challenges. It enhances our healing ability and may give protection across all levels. Kevin also finds Tourmalines particularly good for protective grounding, enabling us to retain the energies we need to thrive and survive while allowing those we don’t need to leave us and be absorbed by mother earth.

Amethyst brings a protective, balancing aspect to us. It is said to be very useful for purification during ceremonies as well as encouraging balance at the emotional, physical and mental levels. It can aid insomnia and is famed over the ages for its effect when we over indulge alcohol!

Quartz has been used over the ages for many healing purposes and of course exhibits scientifically verifiable properties such as its piezoelectric effect. Its a real "feel good” stone, can make us feel more relaxed, calm and happy. As its may channel any energy it has the potential to help in any healing situation.