Selenite Round T-Light Holder (No.8)

£ 25.00
Selenite Round T-Light Holder (No.8)Selenite Round T-Light Holder

Measurements Approx.
Height - 7.9 cm
Width - 7.6 cm
Length - 8 cm

Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulphate mineral. It’s is a form of gypsum and is called Selenite if it is relatively clear and well formed. Selenite is closely related to fibrous gypsum, also known as Satin Spar, and the massive, fine-grained form known as Alabaster.

It’s crystals are typically tabular, with striations running along the length. Selenite is formed as an evaporate in clay beds and around hot springs. Enhydro crystals containing inclusions of water and gas bubbles are found relatively frequently.  Selenite can be colourless, grey, white, green or golden brown.


Selenite is found in many countries, including Australia, Greece, Mexico and the USA. The best known and most popular Selenite crystals for metaphysical use are the long, clear crystals from Mexico.