Stilbite Point & Zeolite Crystal (No.72)

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Stilbite Point & Zeolite Crystal (No.72)Stilbite Point & Zeolite Crystal

Measurements Approx.
Height - 1.5 cm
Width - 1.3 cm
Length - 3.2 cm

Commonly from India, Stilbite occurs as white/clear plates, globes, radial structures and thin tabular and rhombic cruciform crystals.

Is to be good for creativity, intuition, grounding and physically said to be good for the throat, brow and crown chakras, it may also be good aiding detox.

Zeolite is formed from a group of minerals that commonly occur together. It may be colourless, clear, white, and blue or peach. Apophyllite, Okenite, Pectolite, Prehnite and Stilbite are all in the Zeolite group and are commonly from India.