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We all have wings, its just that some dont know how to use them

When I'm in the car, I often listen to music like most people do. But one of the things I do is listen to the lyrics, what the songwriter actually says and the other day I heard a song which had a line in it so very close to what I have used as the title of this got me thinking, what does it actually mean? I know our guardian angels have wings and that at times its our responsibility to be a guardian angel for a while, so does that mean I have wings?

My thoughts went on for a while and I think my interpretation of the lyrics is that while we all can serve as a guardian angel, it does not always have the end result we intended. I suppose its a modern slant on "No good deed goes unpunished"                               

Now part of what I am is to do "good things" for others and I honestly have no intention of stopping, I think what I need to be considering is whether the person I'm helping is actually going to appreciate what I do, either now or later, or indeed do they actually need my help, a hard judgement call to make, but all said and done its a skill I'm going to have to develop as I do not want to stop helping people.

And, if you know what the song is, please tell me.......

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