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New Moon, New Beginnings?

New Moon, New Beginnings?Some things in this universe are relatively certain,  maybe even certain to the point of definite!

Every 28 days the Moon makes a new start at the beginning of its cycle and we have a "new moon". This November the new moon falls on the 11th, an emotional day for many as we remember the fallen in conflicts throughout history. But, just like some of those conflicts led to new beginnings, so does the full moon. Many who work with crystals believe that the new moon is the perfect time to cleanse and dedicate any crystals we may be using for new beginnings, new jobs, fresh starts or new relationships. I think it's great that the Universe gives us this chance every four weeks, after all who does not like the opportunity to make a fresh start? 

So, you might ask, how do I do this and what do I need?
To cleanse our crystals with the full moon is very easy. First off we need to bear in mind that unlike the full moon in a couple of weeks time there is not an awful lot of moonlight to see, but it is there, even if where we live is brightly lit Mother Moon still gazes down upon us. My way of performing this cleansing is as follows, firstly have an area near a window where we can place the crystals (on the window sill is best) then lay our crystals out in this area in an arrangement that we find pleasing. Some people just pile them in a heap, some lay the crystals out in a grid form or even in a wooden dish or tray. As we lay them out, think about what we want the moonlight to do and ask it to do does not matter whether we say this out loud or if we use the voice in our head, just do what you are most comfortable with. 
After the crystals have been put in place, leave them there for the whole period of the new moon, quite often the new moon is during the daylight hours but this is not a problem. Just make sure that they can't be disturbed by anyone else or the cat! For some reason cats seem to be really attracted to crystals by windows........
Once our crystals have basked in the rays of Mother Moon's loving light, remember to put intent on the crystals telling them what you want them to do and we are good to go!

Now is the time to not only think about all of those things we want to start, but to actually make a start on at least one of them!

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