I started selling Fossils and Crystals in 1998 when I decided I wanted to do my own thing within our family shop which had been open since 1995.  Fossils and Crystals had fascinated me since my childhood when I started collecting "pretty stones" as time went by, I added fossils into my collection.  The things I sell have always come form a very small band of suppliers in whom I have complete confidence, so I know what I am selling is genuine and good.  I still buy from the original supplier I started with in '98 who has gone on to be my sort of "mentor" as well as a family friend. Back when I started selling crystals, the healing and well being aspects were, shall I say a little strange! but, as time has gone on, both Kevin and I have seen and experienced many strange and wonderful things.  We both have kept open minds and are now firm believers in the beneficial powers if the crystals at many levels.  Why not join us on our journey?  Sheila

August 3rd 2013 I have opened a new shop in Waterloo Road, Waterloo, the shop has a lovely feel when you walk inside, and I look forward to a long future in my happy little shop.

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