K2 Stone

Azurite & Dolomite (K2 Stone)

K2 stone, a mix of Azurite and Dolomite both are carbonate composition with the Azurite having monoclinic crystal system and trigonal for the Dolomite.

Azurite crystals are complex, often tabular with wedge shaped terminations, and can form rosette-shaped aggregates. Well-developed crystals are dark azure blue, but massive or earthy aggregates may be paler.

Dolomite is a white, pale brown, or pink mineral. It forms rhombohedral crystals that often have curved faces or cluster in saddle-shaped aggregates.
It can also be massive or granular.

Azurite Properties:
Falsehood stems from fear. Azurite is said to have the ability to help one understand the root of one’s fears when one is habitually untruthful or deceptive. It can lend one the courage to correct these patterns and to be more clear and truthful to oneself and others.
Physically Azurite is said to be helpful in all issues of the brain and head. It can help soothe migraines, lessen tinnitus, and balance vertigo.

Dolomite Properties:
Dolomite is said to help and bring a calmness the body and it may allow one to experience love, compassion and appreciation.
Physically Dolomite is considered to be excellent for physical detoxification. It may also help with the support of healing bones, balance the metabolism and appetite, which may help with a natural weight management. Reduce stress by soothing the nervous system is another physical attribute Dolomite may help with.