A member of the bronze family, this iron-rich mineral (about 50 per cent is iron) is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks as well as in stony and iron meteorites.

Itís considered a transformation mineral, which may help give the courage, confidence and all important determination to push open doors or opportunities. Itís said to encourage a proactive approach to sell your own talents and good qualities, both in the workplace and personally.

Emotionally said to help overcome shyness and social awkwardness, express affection and emotions more freely.
Physically benefits of Hypersthene are said to may assist blood disorders, particularly leukaemia and anaemia, Hodgkinsonís disease, gland and rogue-cell conditions, absorption of minerals and nutrients into the body. gut, large intestines, prostate and ovaries, ME and all forms of chronic exhaustion, muscle weakness, growth problems