Spinel is a magnesium aluminum oxide mineral. Its crystal system is cubic. It forms as octohedral, dodecahedral or cubic crystals, as well as in granular, massive or compact habits. Colours range from red to blue, green, colourless, black and brown. Spinel forms in igneous rocks, as well as metamorphic rocks such as marble, serpentinites and gneiss. Fine specimens of Spinel have been found in Madagascar, Burma and Sri Lanka.

Black Spinel is said to help one release the past and clear one’s life of past associations so one can more easily move forward into the future. It may help ‘pack rat’ let go of excessive physical and emotional ‘junk’ so that clarity of mind and energy can be attained.
It is also said to be useful for those who are stuck in the grieving process or who feel that a past emotional trauma still rules their life. Black Spinel is considered to facilitate the detoxification of the bowels and digestive system.