Aura Crystals

Quartz is the normal crystal used but sometime other assorted crystal coated for Aura.

Quartz crystals coated with either gold, indium, platinum, niobium, iron oxide or titanium by vapour disposition - which when heated bonds the metals to the Quartz to create magical colours.

Aqua Aura - coated with gold creating a transparent Aquamarine colour finish.

Tanzanite Aura - coated with gold niobium and indium creating a transparent blue/purple colour finish.

Angel Aura (Opal Aura) - coated with platinum creating a white opal colour finish.

Tangerine Aura - coated with gold and iron oxide creating a orange/peachy colour finish.

Golden Aura - coated with iron, titanium and trace metals creating a transparent peach colour finish.

Titanium Aura (Flame Aura) (Rainbow Aura) - coated with titanium and niobium creating a dark rainbow of colours.

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