Stichtite is a hydrated magnesium chromium carbonate mineral, itís crystal system is trigonal. It forms primarily in compact masses or micaceous aggregates. Stichtiteís colour is a pinkish purple, not unlike that of the lighter shades of Sugilite. Its most abundant locality is near Dundas on the island of Tasmania. Stichtite often occurs in association with green Serpentine, and sometimes the two minerals are inter grown, providing specimens of vivid green with spots of purple.

Stichtite is considered to be a stone of love, unity and cooperation. It may help one overcome reluctance to ask others for support and encourage feeling more compassionate towards those who need our assistance. It is said to be an excellent protective stone against negative emotional fields being created by others and will help one feel compassionate towards such individuals.

Stichtite is said to calm the nervous system, help support healthy blood-pressure levels and a positive, healing biochemistry.