Thulite is member of the zeolite family, calcium aluminium silicate mineral. Its crystal system is orthorhombic. The colour of Thulite is pale to deep reddish pink, similar to that of Rhodonite, with which it is sometimes confused. The depth of colour of Thulite is related to the concentration of manganese within the specimen.
Thulite was first found in Norway, near a place called Thule, and has since been discovered in Australia and South Africa.

Thulite is said to teach joy and the transience of all difficulty. It lightens the heart, allowing one to act from an enlightened perspective. It may teach us unconditional love and eternal joy.
Thulite is considered to be great for those who feel they are in a constant state of disaster and negativity, or those who simply wish to maintain a more joyful perspective on their circumstances.
Believed to be a healing stone for both the heart and the solar-plexus chakras.