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Never enough time !

I seem to be running short of time, Done even more buying of stock, beautiful rough Rose Quartz, tiny tiny tiny Diamonds and Herkimers restocked. New Tranquillityite and Ancestralite a Stromatolite, to name just a few.  Yesterday I brought some Amber necklaces and bracelets, drilled Quartz points and Black Tourmaline beads to make some bracelets.

The shop has been busy, so with time spent chatting with our lovely customers and pricing stock up, especially the tumbled stones take a long time to sort out, Facebook and the website entries have been slow, many thanks to Richie who works hard on adding items to the website and Facebook.  

We have had some time off during August, Richie is in Scotland at the moment and we are looking forward to time off during September. -  16th to 19th September we will be seeing lots of friends and 23rd to 27th September Kevin and I will have been married for 35 years, plus they are doing 'car free day' on that Saturday in the street where we live, which is a back street in Waterloo, so we have to move our cars from Friday midnight to Saturday midnight, lovely! Anyway I decided that as I do not want to listen to people making noise outside our bedroom window through the night while they set up,  we will go away for the weekend and our Anniversary.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Sheila. xx

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