Amethyst Chevron

Chevron Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family, a group, of silicates in a Trigonal system, chemical composition (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide, with the hardness of 7.  Manganese within the crystal produces Amethysts purple colour, the amount of iron in the stone determines how dark or light the individual crystals’ colours.

Locations found :- Europe, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia the USA and Canada.

Also known as Banded Amethyst, consisting of bands of Amethyst and Quartz, thus combining the energies of both crystals:- Quartz with stress relieving energies and Amethysts peaceful and relaxation energies. The two of these crystals together produce Chevron Amethyst own properties:-

A magical crystal said to be good for the blood assisting in healing skin alleges and irritations, also help to relieve stress and stress-headaches, anxiety, anger.  A supportive crystal for when suffering emotional  pain and over coming addictions, enhancing ones peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery.

Chevron Amethyst strengthen, repairs and cleanses ones Aura, working firstly with the Third Eye (2nd) Chakra and secondly with Crown (1st) Chakra.

Wearing a gemstone associated with your Zodiac sign is said to enrich your life and enhance the positive qualities of your sign. Chevron Amethyst is associated with Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Sagittarius.