Amethyst - Chevron Amethyst Cluster (No.119)

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Amethyst - Chevron Amethyst Cluster (No.119)Chevron Amethyst Cluster
from Massif, Central France

Measurements Approx.
Height - 6 cm
Width - 3 cm
Length - 5 cm


Chevron Amethyst is said to be one of the best third-eye stimulators. It may enhance inner, intuitive vision and outer, physical vision, and out of body journey. It’s said to have a powerful focused energy that dissipates and repels negativity. This stone may cleanse the aura and may also aid in auric diagnosis. it’s said to have a strong healing field, bringing harmony to the organs of the body and stimulating the immune system. It may help you to find and implement a positive answer to any problem.