Amethyst - Light colour - 6g to 14g Tumbled Stone (Selected)

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Amethyst - Light colour - 6g to 14g Tumbled Stone (Selected)

Brazilain Amethyst Tumbled Stone tumbled to a smooth finish, an ideal pocket size stone, small enough to carry around with you. Tumble Stones can also be placed around the home for their energies or can just be nice decorative items.

A crystal gemstone of varying sizes and quality selected specially for your order.

Size approximately  2 cm x 3 cm 
Weight varies 6g to 14g

Amethyst has many uses in the crystal healing world, a traditional crystal for a restful nights sleep another piece of Amethyst could be used for protection from other peoples negativity. 

So Amethyst is a lovely crystal used calm and relax the body and mind while lifting ones spirit enabling the enjoyment of everyday life.  It clears and stabilises ones Aura, working with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra's, changing lower energies into higher frequencies of both spiritual and ethereal levels, assisting in decision making and being more focused. 

Amethyst is a variety of QUARTZ  with Manganese and Iron producing the Amethysts purple  colour, the amount of Iron content produces the various colour shades in which Amethyst can be found, which can be either in crystalline Trigonal system or massive form and has a chemical composition of SiO2, with a hardness of 7. 

Mineral specimens, geodes and large cathedrals are prized by collectors, occurring in a wide range of purple shades from pale lilac to deep purple, with the darkest purple and large crystal points which will have taken eons to grow ( 1/2 to 4 Billion years) being the most desired.