Angelite - Polished Slice (no. PSC2)

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Angelite - Polished Slice (no. PSC2)

Angelite polished slice.

Measurements approximately

Height 0.6cm

Width 2.5 - 4.5cm

Length 8cm

Weight 43.5g

A blue crystal for verbalisation and communication of love and light to the world, also said to be an excellent balancing, calming and can assist in dispelling anger.

Angelite, a sugary blue mineral, which is a type of blue Anhydrite gypsum, crystallises in the form of blue and white masses, nodules, and crystals;  It occasionally, contains a splash of red hematite.    First discovered in Peru, South America,  it has since been found in Britain, Egypt, Germany, Libya, Mexico and Poland.

Anhydrite receives its name from the Greek "anhydrous" "without water,”  under humid conditions or contact with groundwater it readily converts to gypsum.  When the water evaporates it returns to Anhydrite.