Ash Catcher - Boat - Engraved wood

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Ash Catcher - Boat - Engraved wood

An ash catcher will be selected specially for your order

Incense sticks need to be lit directly with a flame and then fanned or blown out, leaving a glowing ember that smoulders and releases fragrance, place the stick into a suitable holder clear of any flammable materials / Objects / Surfaces also taking care where the ash ill fall and Never leave any burning or smouldering products unattended. Keep away for children and pets.


Safety must be a primary consideration when deciding where to place your ash catcher while it is in operation. It goes without saying that you should never leave it anywhere it can be reached by a child or animal or near flammable materials / Objects / Surfaces.  

It would also be sensible to have a smoke detector (but that is something every home

should have anyway and they are so cheap now there is no excuse).

Never leave incense burning unattended, that’s not to say you need to sit and

watch till your bored and then extinguish it, but you should NEVER leave your home

without first extinguishing it.