Astrophyllite - Russia - (no. RCMix3)

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Astrophyllite - Russia - (no. RCMix3)

Astrophyllite from Yukspour Mountain, Khibiny Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Measurements approximately
Height 4cm
Width 5cm
Length 7cm

Astrophyllite is a brown to golden yellow in colour, hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate material, with the bladed radiating shape (display) of the crystal giving its name from the Greek word ‘astron’ meaning star and ‘phyllo’ meaning leaf.  It was named by a German chemist, geologist and mineralogist, Carl Johan August Theodor Scheerer in 1854. 

This is a Crystal can help and support one at times when courage and vision is needed to move away and onward in a positive direction to the next part of our life journey. Often used for "cutting cords” that may link us to things or people we need to move on from, it can help us to see those things which are no longer working in our lives. 

Astrophyllite is also regarded as a protecting, grounding and calming stone.