Calcite - Honey (Ref PCal.7.)

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Calcite - Honey (Ref PCal.7.)

Actual Crystal Weight 47.9g

Calcite is Calcium Carbonate and occurs in almost every environment worldwide. Occurring in many forms and shapes of crystals, and in many types of deposits, which can produce a vibrant range of colours including orange, green, blue, yellow - Golden, red and clear, black,  with most coloured calcites coming from Mexico.

Honey Calcite, a honey coloured Calcite, bring warmth and comfort.

All Calcites are helpful with emotional and mental conditions, assisting in lessening of fear and reducing stress a balancing stone suitable for when reconciliation is needed with in a home or workplace.

With all the colours of calcites, they are good Chakra stones with clear calcite can be used for treating all Chakras and conditions.