Calcite - Optical Calcite - Cut & Polished (no.2)

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Calcite - Optical Calcite - Cut & Polished  (no.2)

The optically clear Calcite is called Iceland spar or Optical Calcite, this Calcite exhibits strong double refraction, which is when a ray of light enters the mineral, it is divided into two rays that diverge, ( giving you a double vision image )

Here at London Fossils and Crystals, Optical Calcite is one of our go to stress reliever crystals.  All Calcites are helpful with emotional and mental conditions, assisting in lessening of fear and reducing stress.

They can also be used to cleanse and clearing negativity in a environment and a balancing stone suitable for when reconciliation is needed with in a home or workplace. 

With all the colours of calcites, they are good Chakra stones with clear calcite can be used for treating all Chakras and conditions. 

5.5x5 cm Clear with Fracture


Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. Calcites are among the most varied and abundant crystals, and they occur in a wide variety of forms and colours.  Calcite makes up the major part of most marbles and limestones. Calcite crystals are found on every continent. Large deposits of brightly coloured Calcites occur in Mexico, and some of the most desired forms, such as Stellar Beam Calcites, are found in the USA.