Carnelian - Banded Pendulum (ref p42)

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Carnelian - Banded  Pendulum (ref p42)

Actual Banded Carnelian pendulum

Measurements approximately

Crystal Length approximately 3.5cm

Weight Approximately 16g

Length of chain 27cm

Here at London Fossils and Crystals, Carnelian is our chosen crystal for *life guidance.  Assisting to get one on the right path for life, so a good stone for personal life and hobbies or environments:- work or home.

*Life guidance:-

Very different areas of assistance, as we are all the same but individual people with different aims and thoughts of what we need in life. 

Perfect for dowsing or any other metaphysical use.

Using a Pendulum is something any one can do, whether to become adept or just for enjoyment. A Pendulum is a weighted object, like a crystal and may act as a receiver and transmitter for information, with different movements when in response to questions.

Choosing a Pendulum can be down to just what you feel, a connection or are comfortable with, or just simply admire the look off. 

Get to know your chosen Pendulum, hold the chain through your fingers, avoiding the thumb.  

Simply ask the Pendulum a question that you know the answer is "yes” or "show me "yes”” .  Then ask a question that you know the answer is "no” or "show me "no””.  The movements may be very slight to start with, but as the two of you get to know each other the movements will increase. 

By asking a simple question with a "yes” "no” answer, the movement of the Pendulum may help with decision making or divining.