Cephalopod - Passalotheutis Sp. Belemnite (No.81)

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Cephalopod - Passalotheutis Sp. Belemnite (No.81)
Passalotheutis Sp. Belemnite
from Belmont d’Azergues, France

175 Million Years Old.

Measurements Approx.
Height - 7.2 cm
Width - 12 cm
Length - 17 cm


Belemnoids are an extinct marine cephalopod similar to the modern squid.

 (or belemnites) is an extinct order of cephalopods which existed during the Mesozoic era, from the Hettangian age of the Lower Jurassic to the Maastrichtian age of the Upper Cretaceous.

Superficially squid-like. They possessed ten arms of equal length studded with small inward-curving hooks used for grasping prey.

Belemnites (and other belemnoids) were distinct from modern squid by possessing hard internal skeletons. The internal skeleton was composed of the guard or rostrum (plural: rostra), a heavy solid structure at the posterior of the animals.