Ceratarges S.P Trilobite, from Morocco (No.136)

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Ceratarges S.P Trilobite, from Morocco (No.136)Ceratarges S.P Trilobite, from Morocco
Lower Devonian, 380 Million Years Old

Measurements Approx.     Trilobite Measurements Approx.
Height - 4.7 cm                    Height - 1.6 cm
Width - 6.5 cm                     Width - 4.3 cm
Length - 7 cm                       Length - 5.4 cm

Ceratarges was a genus of Lichidan Trilobite from the Middle to Late Devonian.

Ceratarges had eyes on long stalks and extended long spines protruding from the glabella (head) and the genal (body) spines were long and curved. The long extreme spines are a feature on all Ceratarges Trilobites.