Chalcedony - Blue - 2 to 3cm Tumbled Stone (Selected)

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Chalcedony - Blue - 2 to 3cm Tumbled Stone (Selected)

A crystal gemstone of varying sizes and quality selected specially for your order.

Size approximately 2 to 3 cm

Chalcedony is said to be a powerful cleanser, including open sores. It may foster the maternal instinct and increases lactation, improves, mineral assimilation, and may combat minerals buildup in veins. Chalcedony may lessens the effects of dementia and senility. This stone increases physical energy. It may balances body, emotions, mind and spirit and heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system. 

Here at London Fossils Crystals I sell a wide range of Tumble Stones  

Tumble stones are so called because a number of stones of similar sizes are placed in a barrel which is rotated (tumbled) at a speed and after a time between 3 - 5 weeks the stones are polished from rough to smooth. 

(The Tumble stones we sell, have not been tumbled by ourselves)