Cleoniceras Ammonite Halves, from Madagascar (Selected)

Cleoniceras Ammonite Halves, from Madagascar (Selected)Cleoniceras Ammonite Halves, from Madagascar
110 Million Years, Cretaceous Period

Cleoniceras is a rather involute, high-whorled hoplitid from the Lower to basal Middle Albian of Europe, Madagascar, and Transcaspian region. The shell has a generally small umbilicus, arched to acute venter, and typically at some growth stage, falcoid ribs that spring in pairs from umbilical tubercles, usually disappearing on the outer whorls.

One individual Cleoniceras pair will be selected specially for you upon purchasing or alternatively why not come to the London Fossils and Crystals shop and choose you own.

Each pair is slightly different in size, a measurements approximately
Height - 4.7 - 3.5 cm
Width - 0.6 - 0.9
Length - 3 - 5.1 cm