Daspletosaur Tooth, from Judith River Formation, Montana USA (No.144)

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Daspletosaur Tooth, from Judith River Formation, Montana USA (No.144)Daspletosaur Tooth, from Judith River Formation, Montana USA
Cretaceous Period, 77-74 Million Years

Measurements Approx.
Depth - 0.8 cm
Width - 0.8 cm
Length - 2.8 cm

Daspletosaurus meaning "frightful lizard” was a Tryrannosaurid Dinosaur that lived 77-74 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. 

The most famous of all Tyrannosaurids is the T.Rex but Daspletosaurus proceeded the T.Rex by about 10 million years and was the top predator of its day. 

Growing up to nine meters long, Daspletosaurus had a massive skull about 1 meter in length and was heavily constructed for strength with large openings in the skull which helped reduce its weight. With a build like a T.Rex, Daspletosaurus was smaller, stocky but powerful with heavy bones and a muscular tail. Its teeth were actually bigger than those of a T.Rex, the biggest teeth of all Tyrannosaurids. Each tooth was dagger-sharp, curved and saw-edged. Like other tyrannosaurids this species also had a pair of small, two-fingered hands.

With its formidable teeth and jaws, clawed feet, and sheer bulk, Daspletosaurus was easily capable of killing even the largest of its herbivorous prey. It is considered to be the king predator of its time.

Another species of tyrannosaur that lived during the time of Daspletosaurus was the Gorgosaurus. When the first Daspletosaurus remains were discovered by prolific fossil-hunter Charles M Sternberg in Canada in 1921, he thought it was a new species of Gorgosaurus. It wasn’t until 1970 that fellow Canadian Dale Russell gave Daspletosaurus its current name.