‘ET’ Extra Terminated 'DT' Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Point

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‘ET’ Extra Terminated 'DT' Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Point

Actual Crystal

‘ET’ Extra Terminated Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Point

This crystal has a single point at one end 

and multiple points at other end 

From Brazil

Weight 17.3g



Smokey Quartz is a variety of Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral, just like other Quartz crystals, Smokey Quartz has a hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system and forms in prisms.

Smokey Quartz can vary in colour from very pale tan to deep chocolate brown. Its colour comes from natural irradiation. It can be found in many countries, including Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland and the USA.

Clear Quartz can sometimes be irradiated by man, to produce a very dark brown/black crystal.  These crystals usually are completely dark with no variation in colour throughout the point.

Smokey Quartz can be used as an efficient grounding and anchoring stone and at same time it may help raise vibrations during meditation.   As a grounding stone it can be an antidote to stress, helping to lower blood pressure which psychologically helps to relieve fear, lift depression, and bring emotional calmness. Smokey Quartz can become a wonderful friend helping one feel more engaged in the world and may be capable of creating or changing one’s reality.

Here at London Fossils and Crystals we will often recommend Smokey Quartz to help with the stress of Cancer treatments, as the crystal has experienced natural or man made irradiation, so is able to support and understand what ones body can be enduring