Ethiopian Opal (REF:EO3)

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Ethiopian Opal (REF:EO3)Ethiopian Opal

Measurements Approx.
Height - 1.8 cm
Width - 1.2 cm
Length - 1.4 cm

Forming in a great variety of forms, including massive (large pieces) botryoidal (grape-shaped) reniform (kidney-shaped) and stalactitic. Though unlike most other minerals, Opal never really forms crystals


Opals were discovered in Ethiopia in 1994 and the vast majority coming from that country are coming from mines near the town of Wengal Tena which is located in Wollo Province which mainly produce white opal. These opals were formed from the silica washed out of ancient volcanic ash.

In 2013, a further deposit was found around 30 miles northwest of the Wollo mine which produces black opals.