Faerie - Nemesis Now - 'Honeysuckle' - Limited Edition Fairy

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Faerie - Nemesis Now - 'Honeysuckle' - Limited Edition Fairy
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Honeysuckle Faerie
This beautiful faerie is to be found in English hedgerows where honeysuckle abounds. Her gossamer gown and exquisite headdress are adorned with trailing blooms of honeysuckle. Her delicate wings are of pastel hues with shades of the honeysuckle flower. As she gazes into the distance with a shy smile, she enjoys the delightful scent of the flowers as it drifts on a summer breeze.

Ornamental limited edition Faerie ‘Honeysuckle Faerie’ by  Christine Haworth
Edition no. 0268/3000
Hand painted, hand made resin figurine in collector gift box

Honeysuckle Faerie
Resin Faerie
Height approximately 19 cm
‘Nemesis Now’ a range of fantasy and gothic giftware